Slater Technology Fund Leads Other Investors in a $250,000 Seed Round in Laundry-as-a-Service Company

HappyNest Seeks to Disrupt the $40-Billion Laundry Industry

Providence, R.I., August 19, 2019 – The Slater Technology Fund and existing investors today announced an investment of $250,000 in HappyNest, a laundry-as-a-service company.  HappyNest is building on its own enterprise software, which is currently serving 70 companies nationwide, and launching a consumer-facing company creating a national brand from its headquarters in Rhode Island.

HappyNest is transforming a repetitive domestic chore and a traditional existing industry with a technology platform that makes on-demand home laundry an easy, economical, and efficient experience for time-starved consumers. The HappyNest model creates a slick product for both consumers and laundromat owners.

HappyNest was founded by John MacKrell, who left the investment banking business to innovate in the laundry business, first by owning laundromats, then by building software for them, and finally by developing direct-to-consumer services.

“It’s easy to build empathy with both of our customer types since we’ve walked in their shoes, and are surrounded by them on a daily basis,” said MacKrell.

“Everyday functions like laundry are ripe for digital transformation,” said Thorne Sparkman, managing director of the Slater Technology Fund. “We’ve already seen digital technologies revolutionize grocery, transportation, music and many other aspects of American life, so laundry is the logical next step. What gives me confidence is working with a founder with such deep domain expertise. With that kind of opportunity and team, whatever resources and expertise Slater can mobilize is magnified. We’re excited to get started.”

About Slater Technology Fund

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