Raising Growth Capital: Tales from the Front Lines

Raising Growth Capital: Tales from the Front Lines

Where: Social Enterprise Greenhouse, 10 Davol Square, Unit 100, Providence, RI

When: April 3

Raising capital from investors is a difficult and time-consuming process. The key to succeeding is creating a good pitch deck that tells a compelling and convincing story.

Serial entrepreneur Paul Mandeville will walk attendees through his recent experience of turning a C+ deck into an A+ deck through the process of multiple iterations with bankers, investors, and others.  Attendees will learn:

  • How to avoid the typical pitfalls in developing a pitch deck
  • The types of changes needed to transform a C+ deck to an A+ one
  • How to anticipate the “gotcha” questions from investors and prepare for them
  • A template of slide titles that they can use for their own pitch decks

Who is this right for:

  • Founders of tech and tech-enabled services companies
  • Entrepreneurs

Register: https://bit.ly/2HBxsuO