Mastering UX: Building Enterprise Value Through Radically Deep Customer Empathy

Where: South Street Landing

When: May 30

Building a great user experience (UX) feels mysterious and complicated, but we all know what it feels like when we engage with a company or app that just gets it. Join us to hear from a panel of experts, including Coryndon Luxmoore, Senior Director of User Experience at Audible, Inc.Stacey Messier, Design Director for Direct Service & Claims at Liberty MutualDawn Russell, Lead User Experiene Designer at Upserve, and Christina Raymond, Director of Product Design at PatientPingas they discuss how you can use UX design to build a competitive moat for your company — whether a startup or corporate reinvention. Topics include:

— How can user research and the practice of UX help you unlock value for your customers and your business? 

— How can you use Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs to be done” and other tools to drive empathy for your users? 

— What are the right kind of UX tools for your business stage and what happens without it? 

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