Digital Living: How Entrepreneurs and Investors Redefine Consumers’ Digital Lives

Where: South Street Landing

When: May 16

When the proliferation of SaaS technologies and business models in the mid-2000s collided with the iPhone in 2007, consumers’ daily lives became remade digitally. By 2011, Marc Andreesen announced that “Software is eating the world” and today, consumers expect to shop, do taxes, get cabs, and find friends online, but can our lives be more digital still?

Join us to hear from entrepreneurs and investors on the front lines of creating and funding the next generation of digital living services as they explore what it takes to digitize a consumer’s habits. Panelists include Lee Hower, co-founder of NextView Ventures, David Hehman, serial entrepreneur and founder of Underdog Labs, John MacKrell, founder of digital laundry startup Springboard, and Carlos Ventura, CEO of meal delivery service Feast & Fettle.